BROOKLYN ANIMAL dESIGN is  literally a mom and pop shop -- though there are 2 elementary schoolers who believe they run the show. They're probably exaggerating, but they did have quite a lot to do with why Mom and Pop put aside busy filmmaking careers to try something that doesn't require long absences from home... And they do supervise our kid street-cred department.


Each of the little objects we make at B.A.d. embodies an idea, a small joke, a puzzle, an unexpected reference - intended to catch someone's eye, engage their mind, provide a moment's entertainment. It's also invested with lots of careful, detailed work with pencils, pens, paints, potato prints, scraps of paper or any other thing that leaves a mark on paper.


Why do all this with everyday items like greeting cards and t-shirts, as opposed to say, painting the ceiling of a chapel? Because we think ordinary life is in need of some imaginative adornment too.  And to us, that's not so much about making Big Art as about creating small, carefully made things that resonate with a distinct voice and the joy of creativity.


The designs we make are driven not by a particular craft or method, but by a sensibility that's playful and eclectic, yet rooted in a long-nurtured love of pictures -- looking at and learning about them, as well as making them. We revel in exploring, celebrating and even mashing up all sorts of artistic styles and techniques, especially those associated with popular art -- vintage cartoons and advertising, movie posters, classic magazine illustration. Maybe this is because the Pop half of us grew up on four different continents and still marvels at American culture, high and low.


Pop is also a compulsive doodler, and swears this habit has often rescued him from boredom and worse. He's convinced that little morsels of wit and art are sometimes all it takes to brighten the spirit, and that's how he approaches the art he makes for BROOKLYN ANIMAL.


With this in mind, we think it's especially important to try to reproduce our artwork in a way that comes as close as possible to retaining the feel of the artist's hand and the immediacy of the original media. For cards and prints we use vibrant, highly durable inks to produce richly-colored, finely-detailed results that are comparable to fine-art lithography, and we print on the highest-quality 100 % recycled art paper available.


Our tees, onesies and hoodies are intended as high-quality apparel, not merely as a means of displaying an image or slogan. We silkscreen our designs by hand, with eco-friendly, water-based inks that are absorbed into the fabric instead of laying on its surface, so the design becomes an integral part of the garment. This technique also results in an amazingly soft hand-feel.


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